• IMPORTANT: You have been identified as a claimant who is likely a Class Member. If you are a Class Member and fail to submit this Claim Form, then you will receive nothing but still be bound by the settlement. If you are a Class Member and you submit this Claim Form, then you will receive a check. Only those insureds who fall within the definition of “Class Member” in the accompanying Class Notice will receive a check, and not all who receive the Class Notice are Class Members. There is no cost to you to submit a Claim Form.

    The records of Frontier – Mt Carroll Mutual Insurance indicate that you might be a member of the Class in the case named Gentes Trust #1 and Gentes Trust #2 v. Frontier-Mt Carroll Mutual Insurance, Case No. 2022-LA-000269, Circuit Court for the Third Judicial Circuit of Madison County, Illinois. However, information in Frontier’s records need to be reviewed to determine whether you are in fact a member of the Class, and if so, how much money you may be entitled to receive.

    Please read the accompanying Class Notice before you complete this Claim Form. To participate in this Settlement, your Claim Form must be completed to the best of your ability, signed, and then: (1) mailed and postmarked by December 15, 2023, to Gentes Trust v. Frontier Settlement, c/o Atticus Administration, PO Box 64053, Saint Paul, MN 55164; (2) scanned or photographed and uploaded by December 15, 2023 on this page; OR (3) e-mailed by December 15, 2023 to FrontierDepreciationSettlement@atticusadmin.com.

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  • Please be patient. If you qualify for payment under the Settlement, a Settlement Check will be mailed to you. If you do not qualify, a letter will be mailed to you explaining why.

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